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I'm a black seed, a very cultivated black seed. Conceived at a drive in movie theatre, adopted and then my family split up when I was 13, loosing both my parents and siblings. One of the greatest gifts they left me was found stashed way back of mothers closet. Inside my dads WW2 ammo box and a box of 45s filled with stunning black and white images. Captured moments from generations before my time and space.  I still remember the smell of those vintage memories of people I did not recognize. Feeling the prints of various Kodak papers processed somewhere in a Brooklyn studios or NYC camera shops. 

My discovery lead to countless hours into days creating stories from the mundane details literal snap shots. Validating identities about who they were, how they met, what they might have been discussing, what perfume they wore and the scent of their hair. Feeling the tension and attraction between strangers.  Recognizing how breathtaking beautiful my mother was and feeling the loving touch from my father once mutually shared and wondering the exact moment in time it all changed.  Each time I close the box time stopped, restarting the clock when I returned completely immersed into the sign of the times a witness to a mass of unrelated existence and layering into mine. Connecting their past in my presence was the foundation of my future.  I simply can not relinquish from black and white, the crux of my documentary style. Honoring the emotional spectrum within my creative process, aspects of creation that is love and the truth of who we are.  

Using my lens as an instrument, reflecting a visual novel of blended dualities and integration, not sides, layered contrast between rhythm and friction. I can’t think of two elements with more passionate extremes than Heaven on Earth, positives, negatives, light and darkness, highlights of ecstasy and shadows of agony, seen and unseen.  Bringing into focus  our invisible and out-caste patrons making them iconic.   

Yes, I hope to strike up a conversation provoking a revolution.  

independent content producer of long term self-assignments, documentary short-form, layered, stark contrast and amplified color energizes the impact of meaningful outreach.   

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Lower East Side, New York City

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